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26 Nov ,2016

Paper Art – Bianca Severijns – Displacement Series

Paper art – Bianca Severijns – Displacement Series Dear friends, blogging this time about my own paper art! Over the past year my paper art has focused on abstracting the essences of Earth skins like: Leaves Gathering & Grasslands. I am especially intrigued by the cycle point at which there is total bareness, vulnerability, decay, […]

Jane Ponsford blog

26 Jun ,2016

Paper artist Jane Ponsford

Paper Artworks by Paper Artist Jane Ponsford In my quest for interesting paper artists, I tend to drown in an ocean of paper-craft artists on Instagram. So you can imagine how pleasantly excited I got after finding this jewel of a paper artist: Jane Ponsford. I feel much emotion for Jane’s artworks, as they are […]

Lauren Collin - blog Paperartview 5b

13 May ,2016

Paper Bas-Reliefs by Paper Sculptor Lauren Collin

Paper Bas-Reliefs by Paper Sculptor Lauren Collin It’s incredible to see how the paper bas-reliefs by paper sculptor Lauren Collin (27 years) contain the finesse and refinement of Japanese precision. Despite her admiration for “origamiques”, referring to the minimalist Japanese culture, there is nothing Japanese about this French Paris-based artist. After her art studies and […]


28 Jan ,2016

Jan Schoonhoven – Monochrome Paper reliefs by “PaperArtView”

Monochrome Paper Reliefs – Jan Schoonhoven I just couldn’t resist to pay homage to Jan Schoonhoven (1914 – 1994), and not because there is a beautiful exhibition of his work in Delft, The Netherlands or because he mainly worked with paper (cardboard and papier-mâché). It is for the simple reason that I utterly adore his […]

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05 Mar ,2015

Paper Earth Skins – Bianca Severijns

Blog Paper Earth Skins Bianca Severijns The various skins of earth resemble an amazing organ: new layers are born, they breathe, age, are constantly re-created and lost. During my visit to the desert, I was awestruck by the beauty of the marks, forms, patterns, formations and diversity of the earth’s layers. Each layer of earth […]

Timothy Lee paper artst a(2)

25 Jan ,2015

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee Paper Art

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee Paper Art Timothy Hyunsoo Lee paper art invites viewers to experience the artist’s inner psychological state. Lee shares himself intimately. His art is a way of exploring and engaging his own history, which involves social, emotional and psychological issues. Lee (1990) is a Korean-born, New York-raised, Brooklyn-based artist that graduated from Wesleyan […]

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04 Dec ,2014

Embroidery in Paper Art by PaperArtView

Embroidery in Paper Art In recent years, there has been a movement towards handcraft in the art and design world. We harbor a desire to reacquaint ourselves with workmanship and traditional labor intensive techniques. As a result, a new generation of artists is using hand stitch embroidery techniques to create entire artworks, some combining it […]

Tobias Puthrih 4 PaperArtView

05 Nov ,2014

Paper artworks of Tobias Putrih and Abraham Cruzvillages

Paper artworks of Tobias Putrih and Abraham Cruzvillages in the Centre Pompidou Truth be told, I immensely enjoyed my visit to the Centre Pompidou in Paris not so long ago. I happily washed my eyes with awesome brutalist post-modern architecture, a rich variety of Contemporary Art and the grand retrospective exhibition of French artist Martial […]

Noa Yekutieli by PaperArtView

26 May ,2014

Noa Yekutieli – Paper Cutouts

Noa Yekutieli uses delicate paper cutouts for her artworks that depict images of destruction, fragments of memory after natural disasters and moments of coping and compassion in the wake of catastrophes. With great excitement sharing with you the following interview with this talented young artist. Could you please give a short introduction on yourself? I […]

Bianca Severijns Pregnant

13 May ,2014

Bianca Severijns Artist Statement

Bianca Severijns Artist Statement: My art is a physical representation of my ongoing reflective journey. It is paper art, molded by instinct and an intellect influenced by intuition. My art begins with virginal white paper, on its way to becoming something else, an alteration, a complex form. My medium is paper pieces, hand-torn with a […]