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Bridal dress paper art Bianca Severijns

Paper Art Bridal Dress – Bianca Severijns

For my new planned series of artworks I have embraced the idea of combining female images with sensuality and personal intensity. It is a continuation of my exploration of women during various stages of life, as well as my desire to capture woman’s fragile beauty.

I am therefore delighted to have completed the first piece of this new series of paper art, titled “Bridal Dress”. When I made this piece of paper art I immensely enjoyed designing the dress part. From up close, one finds in the garment the complexity of hundreds of hand-torn snippets which create a lace-like-look with paper, while the body parts are covered with delicate tattoo/ henna imagery. Both express my love for motifs and patterns.

Bridal Dress paper art Bianca Severijns

One can also perceive my new use of color, as I have aspired to use tones of water, leaving bright vibrant colors behind. The smaller size of “Bridal Dress” has not only refined my layer techniques, but also allowed me to experiment, throughout the work process, with new ways of shredding.

This artwork’s zero-gravity, floating-in-universe feel enhances the picture’s mystery, yet it is charged with positive energy and intense dynamics. To sum up, I continue to surprise myself with the possibilities of paper.

Bride dress paper Art Bianca Severijns
Bridal Dress
Size: 190cm x 90cm
Paper Art Bridal Dress currently shown at: Peace of Paper Studio
This paper artwork is available for purchase. Please contact me for further details

Blue ripped paper swirls

Paper Art Unfold

I am currently working on a new paper artwork which celebrates my bridal dress. Although I am married, I was never the owner of one of those extravagant wedding dresses, as in my time it was pretty cool to marry “freestyle”. So you can imagine how much fun I’m having designing one now, even if it is on paper.
I think this post will satisfy those among you who are fascinated with “the process” (as opposed to “the result”) and the way things tend to unfold, as these featured images unfold the beginning steps of my work process.

These days my choice of colors is influenced by water, as I am absolutely fascinated by the “underwater feel”. In this work, I have left behind the use of bright vibrant colors and instead painted a wide selection of watery turquoise greens and light ocean blues, combined with soft warm greys.

It’s always a thrill to draw the initial sketch on the attached pieces of carton knowing that from this moment onwards, my fantasy is about to become real.

My desire and challenge was to create a lace-like-look with paper. So I dived into some textile books to unravel the world of lace techniques. I ended up finding lots of inspiration, and obviously could not resist giving it my very own artistic twist.

With great devotion and loads of patience, I eagerly began the labor of shredding and tearing hundreds and hundreds of snippets to complete this new work. What excites me here, as well as with my other works, is the feel and effect of the various layers of paper. It’s a movement and sensation that I like to call 2 ½ dimensions, as I feel like I’m painting with paper.
Thank you for bearing witness to my paper art in process…I continue with an open mind, ready to embrace whatever happens along the way! Enjoy, Bianca