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PaperArtView - Swoon Motherlands 3

Swoon Street Artist – Paper Cutouts

Just unbelievable…when I first came across the works of the New York based street artist Caledonia Curry (better known as Swoon) I was swept off my feet to find out that her works are actually made of PAPER!

PaperArtView - Swoon 2

This talented artist recently completed a paper cut installation called “Motherlands”, currently shown at LJ Gallery in Paris. In her solo exhibitions, Swoon loves to create little worlds within a world. The themes woven into the installation were focused on ecological destruction (global warming, displacement) as well as the process of losing beloved ones, which for the artist is equal to losing our homelands. I’m equally touched by the beauty of her works, as with the thoughts behind it.

PaperArtView - Swoon "Motherlands" 1

PaperArtView - Swoon "Motherlands" 2

Swoon started out as a street artist. Wheat-pasting large-size, delicate paper cutouts on alley walls, abandoned buildings, rooftops and bridges, Swoon strives to create a unique and sensational street view in various places all over the world. Her subject matters are mostly portraits (family and friends) and human figures interacting within their urban environment.

PaperArtView - Swoon

After graduated from the Pratt Institute, Swoon’s initial idea was to share her art with common people and not to end up within institutional settings. Her first pieces were done on tracing paper, slowing viewers to see the layers of the wall underneath. Each paper cutout glued to the city walls created life in what would have otherwise been dead space. Swoon cleverly toys with the city view’s ever-evolving layers, until her street art paper cutouts eventually disappear and fade away.

Swoon has gained recognition within the art world. Her installations were displayed in various prestigious museums (MoCA Los Angeles, ICA Boston, NOMA New Orleans) and galleries. Yet her preference still remains the street.

Swoon’s” Motherland” solo exhibition at the LJ Gallery runs from November 30th to January 14th 2014.

PaperArtView - Swoon

Swoon street artist – paper cutouts