Bianca Severijns - Grasslands testimonials site

  • "(Testimonial about the recent works 2016) Bianca Severijns is fascinated and artistically engaged with paper, and it certainly feels like she is comfortable within her work. Quality and knowledge of the material have always been her main assets, present both in her former as well as in recent abstract artworks, which are raw, "dirty" and extremely authentic. These new works reach a different plateau: Bianca uses hand-torn paper to produce complex layering that push her medium towards inventive and unexpected directions. In fact, Bianca reminds me of Schoonhoven (Dutch abstract artist member of the Zero-group ‘60s), because of the same monochrome white color preference and the extent to which the process is visible. Yet it is not the severe, strict abstraction of Schoonhoven but rather the expressive, playful form of abstraction. Bianca is the female equivalent of the many male abstract artists of the 60’s. In some of her works I see contact-seeking nerves that accumulate in a center of energy, reflecting our communication-addicted world, while some of her other works remind me of Islamic geometric shapes like the ones found in the Alhambra. I look forward to seeing how her future artworks will develop. From beautiful aesthetic figurative works to abstract brought to life by art. Her first steps have been taken. Where will she go next?"

    Nico van Langen

  • "Bianca's paper art offers an intense experience. It is a color feast that brings a sense of happiness, beauty and joy into daily life."

    Orna Hemy – Siam Interior Design

  • ""To state that Bianca's art is unique is to state the obvious. This is art that evokes emotion. On the surface, it is intellectual, harmonic, beautiful and vital. But look at it a little longer: slowly, you become engulfed by its depth and contradictions. A deep passion, compassion and sensuality seeps through these paintings, making you aware that somehow, after laying your eyes on them, more 'feeling' has entered your soul.""

    Itay Ben Eliezer – Percipio

  • "Bianca is an artist that lives her art. To Bianca, art is a path and horizon in life. Her paintings provide a rich and colorful visual experience. My grandmother ( Miriam Roth) used to say that words from the heart enter the heart, and the same applies to Bianca's works of art, which are filled with patterns and colors from her heart. One cannot but feel happy and impressed while looking at Bianca's paintings - she has the gift of composing colors into wonderful graphic compositions that include the tension and balance between nature and art. To sum up, Bianca's paintings are rich, intoxicating and mesmerizing."

    Roi Ivri – Artist