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Paper Art – Bianca Severijns – Displacement Series

Paper art – Bianca Severijns – Displacement Series

Dear friends, blogging this time about my own paper art!

Over the past year my paper art has focused on abstracting the essences of Earth skins like: Leaves Gathering & Grasslands. I am especially intrigued by the cycle point at which there is total bareness, vulnerability, decay, and disintegration; the feeling of being transient in the world, of having only a temporary presence. As source of inspiration for my paper art I am photographing nature in states of total bareness and decay.

paper art, paper artist, Bianca Severijns, Earth Skins
Grasslands & Leaves Gathering form the Earth Skins Series

My recent works in the “Displacement” series I continue to explore stages of nature and intertwine them with the human conditions like being uprooted, nesting, enmeshment and revival.

Bianca Severijns, paper artist, paper art, paper
Nesting 2 – Displacement Series

As a Dutch-Israeli artist I have uprooted myself. Uprooting is painful. It makes people very vulnerable. But uprooting is also optimistic, an opportunity for growth. Whether used as a metaphor for emigration or to describe the botanical action – uprooting is a multi-layered cyclical sequence of destruction and regeneration which I seek to investigate, blend, and reflect in my art.

Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist,  uprooted
Uprooted – Displacement Series

The artwork “Uprooted” I created in my beloved paper medium, using hand-torn pieces, multi layering techniques and weaving. My hand-tearing technique functions as a metaphor of being torn away from all ties and belongings. The color is monochromatic white for as white is free of any symbol, association or values – much the same as the uprooted feeling of no longer belonging to one’s native cultural and emotional soil. The layered texture and monochromatic color scheme aim to capture global, regional, local, familial and personal dimensions of uprooting on the one hand while on the other hand forming a unified holistic and humanistic theme.

Amazingly and quite artistically, the force of environmental-nature and of human-nature has the capacity to rise from this low point into a phase of renewal, bloom, and liberation.

For me as a natural follow up of uprooting is the stage of nesting. Sharing with you my latest artworks dealing with nesting while I continue to explore this intriguing theme in my paper art.

Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, nesting
Nesting 1 – Displacement Series

Bianca Severijns inspiration photos of nature

Bianca Severijns inspiration photos of nature

Bridal dress paper art Bianca Severijns

Paper Art Bridal Dress – Bianca Severijns

For my new planned series of artworks I have embraced the idea of combining female images with sensuality and personal intensity. It is a continuation of my exploration of women during various stages of life, as well as my desire to capture woman’s fragile beauty.

I am therefore delighted to have completed the first piece of this new series of paper art, titled “Bridal Dress”. When I made this piece of paper art I immensely enjoyed designing the dress part. From up close, one finds in the garment the complexity of hundreds of hand-torn snippets which create a lace-like-look with paper, while the body parts are covered with delicate tattoo/ henna imagery. Both express my love for motifs and patterns.

Bridal Dress paper art Bianca Severijns

One can also perceive my new use of color, as I have aspired to use tones of water, leaving bright vibrant colors behind. The smaller size of “Bridal Dress” has not only refined my layer techniques, but also allowed me to experiment, throughout the work process, with new ways of shredding.

This artwork’s zero-gravity, floating-in-universe feel enhances the picture’s mystery, yet it is charged with positive energy and intense dynamics. To sum up, I continue to surprise myself with the possibilities of paper.

Bride dress paper Art Bianca Severijns
Bridal Dress
Size: 190cm x 90cm
Paper Art Bridal Dress currently shown at: Peace of Paper Studio
This paper artwork is available for purchase. Please contact me for further details