September 2021 Liquid Love  | Group Exhibition | Herzliya 2021 

I cordially invite you to the opening evening of the exhibition LIQUID LOVE at the Teo Culture & Art Centre, Wingate Street 168, Herzliya Pituach.

I am excited to announce my participation in the group exhibition LIQUID LOVE, curated by Daria Kaufman. The exhibition deals with the question of the change of love, in the world of the capitalist cultural dominance of old social hierarchies. I will be presenting two of my Protective Blankets and a photograph. In total 12 great Israeli artists will be part of the exhibition. The exhibition is on show till the 26th of November.

I will be holding an artist talk on 5th November at the Teo Arts & Culture Centre, 168 Wingate Street, Herzliya, Israel. It will be my pleasure to see you all there! start: 11:00 AM

September 2021 Feasts on Paper | Shanghai Paper Biennale  2021 

Absolutely honored to take part in the grand International Paper Art Biennale 2021 “Feasts on Paper” at the Fengxian Museum Shanghai, China. 

Two of my artworks were selected to participate in this spectacular event. Great thanks to the curator: Anson Ou!

Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art relief, contemporary artist, contemporary art, Shanghai, Feasts on Paper Biennale 2021

September 2021  AAF Brussels, Belgium | 2021


Exciting to announce my participation in the AAF Brussels, Belgium!
Meijlerart Gallery will present various of my smaller artworks at this international Affordable Art Fair. The fair will open this week from the 22nd till the 26th of September. If in the neighborhood don’t hesitate to visit this unique art fair and Rachel Meijler is welcoming you at booth D21, where three other great artists are presented.


Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art relief, contemporary artist, contemporary art, artfair, AAFBrussels2021

May 2021  “Dutchies – Getting it done!” | Documentary | 2021

The Dutch Embassy of Israel launched last Thursday a Documentary  “Dutchies in Israel- Getting it Done! The new Ambassador Hans Docter was the initiator of this project.  

I am proud to be one of the 10 selected Dutch persons that are living in Israel and are active in different inspiring fields or subjects, making an impact on Israeli society. My art dealing with social and humanitarian issues was highlighted in this documentary.

Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art relief, contemporary artist, contemporary art, relief, documentary Dutchies in Israel -Getting it done! 2021

May 2021  IAPMA 35 years global Exhibition | Tasmania 2021


Honored to be part of the 35th Anniversary Global Exhibition, which was opened in Burnie, Tasmania at the University of Tasmania, Makers’ Studio from April 8th – 6th June 2021.

This exhibition showcases the amazing talent of IAPMA members from across the world and highlights the power of collaboration, visualization, and strength of creativity that can be achieved when supporting one another as paper makers and paper artists through the IAPMA organization.

Thanks to Angela Barbour and Joanna Gair for making this happen! Sharing with you this link.
Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art, art relief, contemporary artist, art sculpture, Movement and rhythm series 2020

December 2020  Not by the Dress Alone | MOTS Museum 2020  

“The exhibition “Not by the Dress Alone” will expose us to images through which we shall learn about clothes and those who wear them. Do clothes teach us something about ourselves? About our origin, our financial status, the reality in which we live in? We often measure people according to the clothes they wear instead of to their values, their skills, and their objective worth.” – curator Raphie Etgar

Honored to be part of this group exhibition which opened its doors on the 3rd of December. 

We live in a world in which the brand, the price tag, or the logo are what define our attitude to our surroundings, and vice versa, and we ask ourselves, do we make the clothes or do the clothes make us? And if so, why do clothes carry such an important role in our lives, since the day we first covered ourselves with a fig leaf we came across in the Garden of Eden?

The exhibition can be visited at the Museum on the Seam (MOTS). 4 Heil Handassa Street, Jerusalem. For more information visit their site

Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, art vessels, Museum on the Seam, contemporary artist, contemporary art, Sisters Series,

December  2020    Reflection | Group Exhibition 2020  

The “Reflection” exhibition is a three-dimensional dialogue between artistic inspiration, a pencil-on-paper architectural sketch, and a three-dimensional art creation. Nine architects responded to the curators’ request, allowing access to the most personal stage of the architectural vision – pencil lines that will turn into buildings. The architect selected for me is Avner Koblenz from “UrbanGap” Architecture, Tel Aviv.

Honored to take part of this group exhibition!

Curators: Sima Barber & Ronit Dayan Vishovki


The exhibition is on show at the Omer Tiroche Gallery, Old Jaffo, Israel from the 23rd till 31st of December 2020. Be welcome to visit!

Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art relief, contemporary artist, contemporary art, Reflection exhibition, Originator 2020

November  2020    Portraits | Art and Museum interview 2020  

A wonderful personal interview by Monique Bakker from Art and Museum. What it was like for me to emigrate with my family from the Netherlands to Israel. How in my artworks, I use paper to give shape to the displaced feeling, the uprootedness that I experienced while living in a completely different culture. A country where there can be war and at the same time people are enjoying the beach. Where I move in between people with whom I have not shared a childhood. What I’d lost, but most of all, what I  found there? 

Enjoy the full interview here !

October & November 2020    Freshpaint Special Online Edition 2020  

Special Online Edition 2020! Freshpaint Art & Design fair, Tel Aviv, is the largest and most influential annual art event in Israel, attracting over 30,000 visitors each year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s event will take place only as an online edition. Nevertheless, honored to be selected for the Greenhouse Design section. The Rhythm of Life collection includes vessels and wall-reliefs especially chosen for this special version of Freshpaint 2020.  Each unique piece of art showcases a distinct paper language of hand-torn pieces aesthetically arranged into intricate, complex and abstract compositions that create an extraordinary visual impact.

Enjoy this special edition of Freshpaint here !!

November  2020   Sixth Finch Issue Fall 2020   

Sixth Finch is an online journal of Poetry and Art founded in 2008 and updated quarterly. The journal brings the best in contemporary art and poetry to its readers at no cost. Honored that one of my artworks Tree Bark | The Way Home Series 2020 was selected to be part of this simple aesthetic issue. 
Some of the poetry of the former Sixth Finch issues have appeared in Best of the Net, The Pushcart Prize, and The Best American Poetry.
Enjoy the full journal here !!
Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art relief, contemporary artist, contemporary art, TLV Crafts and Design Biennial 2020, the Way Home series 2020

July  2020   Interview Art Spiel – Paper Transformations  

Finally, the interview with Art Spiel has been published! Due to the COVID-19 lock-down period this interview was put on hold. Great thanks to Etty Yaniv for this in-depth interview and challenging questions.
Yaniv works on her art, art writing and curatorial projects in Brooklyn. She founded Art Spiel as a platform for highlighting the work of contemporary artists, including art reviews, studio visits, interviews with artists, curators, and gallerists. I am honored to be part of her artists’ choice and to be represented on this interesting platform.
Enjoy the full article here !!
Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art, contemporary artist, contemporary art, Art Spiel , portrait Bianca Severijns

June  2020    Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts and Design 2020 

Pleased to announce that the Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts and Design 2020 re-opened its doors to the public at the Eretz Israel Museum on 02.06.2020. Just 2 weeks before the planned opening evening the Covid-19 restrictions forced the museum to close down waiting for the “day after”.

You can believe my excitement when the good news arrived that the exhibition opened to the public. Among the 300 artworks, my Protective Blanket is one of them. Super proud! 

Great thanks to the curators: Nir Harmat, Merav, Rahat, Henrietta Brunner, Yuval Saar, and Liora Rosin. If in Israel I welcome you to visit this outstanding exhibition!
 Come and visit!
Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art, contemporary artist, TLV Biennial 2020, Eretz Israel Museum, Protective Blanket Series 2019

May 2020    Interview Art market Magazine – May issue #47

Honored to announce that an exclusive interview has been published in the 2020 May edition of Art Market Magazine – an international magazine for contemporary fine art.

The interview deals with subjects of how quarantine affected my studio routine, what were the sources of inspiration for various art projects, and my experience at the Venice Art Biennial 2019. Great thanks to the journalist Anastasia Tsypkina (Master degree in Arts) , my photographer Sigal Kolton and editor Hadas Eyal!

Enjoy the full article here!



Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art, contemporary artist, contemporary art, art market magazine, cover, Sisters series 2019

September 2019     Di Carta, 4th Paper Biennial 2019   

Excited to participate in the 4th Paper Biennial 2019 – Di Carta “PaperMade“. The exhibition will be open to the public from 6th October 2019 till 9th February 2020, at the Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio, Italy. 

The exhibition reflects on the nature of beauty and the role it plays in human life and is a homage to Raul Meel (Italian artist/poet). My 3 artworks “Wings of Beauty?” will be on show during these 4 months.  


I welcome all of you to visit the exhibition in Schio, Italy!

September 2019     Artist Talk, Venice Biennial 2019   

Pleased to announce that on 23rd September 2019 I was invited by the ECC to give an Artist Talk at the Palazzo Mora 4 pm. Hereby I welcome all of you to join me, if in Venice! 

My experiences as a new immigrant in my new homeland were the inspirational inspirational foundations from which my paper artworks sprouted. At the artist talk at the Palazzo Mora, I will tell about my “Protective Blankets” artworks, share my insights, technique and love for the paper medium.

See you there!

Bianca Severijns, paper artist, paper art, contemporary art, artist talk, contemporary artist, Venice Biennial 2019

May 2019     Artsy  

Pleased to announce that some of my artworks can be found on the Artsy website. Artsy is an online platform for collecting and discovering contemporary art.

Some of the greatest artists are represented here, and proud to be a part of this! My artworks are being presented by MeijlerArt Gallery. For information you can direct message the MeijlerArt Gallery.  


May 2019     Exhibition PERSONAL STRUCTURES | Identities | Venice Biennial 2019 | Palazzo Mora 

Extremely excited to be part of the exhibition PERSONAL STRUCTURES “Identities”  at the Palazzo Mora during the Venice Biennial 2019! I created a wall-installation of two large paper protective blankets and a video as a metaphor to convey fundamental human rights and needs such as security, protection, acceptance, respect and freedom.

The exhibition is curated by Shiri Davidi and Dorit Lautman.

If planning a visit to the Venice Biennial 2019 I invite you to come and see my wall-installation!


Bianca Severijns, contemporary art, contemporary artist, Venice Biennial 2019, modern art, paper art, paper artist

April 2019    Group Exhibition at Migdal Museum 

Thrilled to announce that some of the artworks from the Movement & Rhythm Series of 2018 and 2019 were selected for a group exhibition at the Museum Tower (6th and 7th floor), Tel Aviv, Israel. The artworks will be on show from the 14th of April till the 14th of July 2019.                              Curator: Hagit Argoman

Come and visit if around!

paper art,contemporary art, Bianca Severijns, Migdal Museum Israel, paper artist, contemporary artist,

April 2019    Selected by curator Lauren Marinaro Foundwork!

I want to share with you the good news that I was chosen to be featured by guest curator Lauren Marinaro. Marinaro runs a gallery in Chinatown New York. She is well known and admired by the art community there, and she will be showing at the Frieze NY for the first time this year. So you can understand my excitement to be in her selection together with the artists Alexandra Baumgartner and Stuart Hawkins.

Enjoy the publication here!

Bianca Severijns, Protective Blanket Series, contemporary paper art, contemporary paper artist, paper art, paper artist

March 2019    First Issue ART-ZINE  

I am proud to announce that my first issue ART-ZINE is printed! This ART-ZINE is a beautifully designed art-magazine as a homage to my paper art. You will enjoy 20 pages full of paper art, off-scene images, my inspiration, quotes and many insights. The back-cover includes two postcards of my Vessels Series as a present for you! The ART-ZINE is a definite must if you want to explore my art!  

Thanks to the creative team: Artur Fraiman & Litay Marcus

Bianca Severijns, Paper art, Artzine, art magazine, contemporary paper art

December 2018    Invitation Site: Brooklyn Gallery  

I am excited to announce that one of my artworks from the “Movement & Rhythm Series” has been selected to participate in the exhibition “Art on Paper” at the Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA. 

The exhibition will take place from the 18th of January till the 16th of February


If in New York hope you are able to make it!

SiteBrooklynGallery, BiancaSeverijns, ArtonPaperexhibition, contemporarypaperart, paperart, contemporarypaerartist,

November 2018   Article in DesignYouTrust   

To my surprise this wonderful article was written about my art in DesignYouTrust.  Click here to enjoy the full article.

Bianca Severijns, Designyoutrust, art, paper art

September 2018   Open Studio Saturday 8/9/2018  

Hereby I welcome all my art-loving fans, friends, gallerists,  curators and art-collectors to visit my studio on the open day Saturday the 8th of September. It is a wonderful opportunity to see how the works are created and to talk to me in person about the thoughts behind the artworks. The Peace of Paper studio is located in Ramot Hashawim, rehov Hagiva 6. You are welcome between 10:30 and 18:30. It will be my pleasure meeting you all!  

contemporary art reliefs, Bianca Severijns, contemporary art, contemporary artist, modern art, contemporary paper art, contemporary paper artist, paper art, movement and rhythm

July 2018    Part of Foundwork  website 

I am pleased to announce to be part of the Foundwork contemporary art community. Foundwork is a new platform to help connect artists with curators, gallerists, and other collaborators across the global contemporary art community. Check out their clean design and easy search functionality website, with lots of fantastic artists and you can find my artworks here.

contemporary artist, contemporary art, foundwork, bianca Severijns

July 2018    Israeli Artists website 

Especially for my Hebrew speaking friends happy to be on the wonderful Israeli Artists website by Masterpiece. The website gives you lots of art information about artists, art events, gallery exhibitions, etc. Worth visiting! Check out my mini site here.

Bianca Severijns, masterpiece, Israeli artists,

June 2018    Artwork for your sponsorship for the Venice Biennale 2019

Tremendously pleased to announce that I have been invited to participate in the Venice Biennale 2019 by the GAA Foundation. To be selected is a tremendous honor and a great international opportunity! 

In my artwork for the Venice Biennale 2019 I continue to explore the humanitarian terrain, by creating a mural installation. To realize this I am looking for a sponsor. 

If you and your business are compassionate about art, artists, social and humanitarian ideas I hereby offer you various sponsorship opportunities at different levels that will meet your objectives and budget. My sponsor will receive an artwork of their choice from my collection.  More information here

protective blanket series, Bianca Severijns, paper art, contemporary paper artist, contemporary paper art, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art

May 2018     Art Reveal online Art Magazine

Great to see some of my artworks featuring with an interesting interview on the website of the online art magazine Art Reveal. Welcome to read the interview on page 66 till 72, to get more insights about my artworks, why I make them and what I love about art. Enjoy and click here!  

Artrevealmagazine, Bianca Severijns, contemporary artist, contemporary paper artist, paper art, Contemporary paper art, modern art paper craft

May 2018    Efendi Hotel, Acco

I am pleased to announce that two of my artworks have received an honorable and prominent place at the reception of the Efendi Hotel, Acco. These works reflect the hotels’ thin line between modernity and heritage, fragility and robust and ancient soul versus young spirit.

Efendi Hotel, Bianca Severijns, contemporary paper art, paper artist, contemporary artist, paper

April 2018    Invitation Venice Biennial 2019

I am tremendously thrilled to announce that I have been officially invited to participate in the context of the Venice Biennial 2019 by the GAA Foundation (Non-profit Dutch organisation), which will be hosted by the European Cultural Centre. To participate in this highly prestigious art event is a great achievement. I will have the honorable opportunity to create an artwork in which I will continue to explore the theme of displacement connecting to Time, Space and Existence. 

contemporary art, Venice Biennial

March 2018    Advertising campaign – Siam

I am pleased to announce that two of my artworks “Tension & Chaos” and “Raveled” were part of a major advertising campaign (Haaretz) “It’s all about Design” by Siam. 

Bianca Severijns, paper art, contemporary paper art, contemporary paper artist,

November 2017    Part of group Exhibition – Electra

I am thrilled to announce that my artwork Art beyond Waste is part of a group exhibition held in the Trade Offices of Electra at Rishion LeZion, Israel. Twenty-Seven Israeli artists have been carefully selected by curators Ronit Reik and Leora Shavit and were challenged with the theme “Innovation

paper art, paper artist, Bianca Severijns, Electra

October 2017    Published Blog by Natalie Pisante

A sweet little blog was written about me by Natalie Pisante, a paper mache and paper craft artist. Go and enjoy it here

Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art relief, contemporary artist, contemporary art, TLV Crafts and Design Biennial 2020, the Way Home series 2020

May 2017      Published interview on Asian Design Magazine 

I am pleased to announce that an interview with Design Magazine 360 was published in their April 2017 edition which was dedicated to the inheritance, innovation and design of paper. Paper designers, paper artists and paper makers from various countries were highlighted in this issue. 

January 2017     Online interview at “All things Paper”

Ann Martin, the owner of a beautiful site “All Things Paper”, granted me an interview about my “Monochromatic hand-torn paper art”. Martin is a quilling enthusiast who has been exploring the worlds of creative paper art and paper craft. If you are a paper lover her site is worth a visit! Enjoy the interview and the richness of images presenting both my art and nature inspired photographs. Read the interview

Bianca Severijns, nature, paper artist, paper art, paper

November 2016    Published blog on Strictly Paper

Strictly Paper is a beautiful site that highlights the best creative uses of paper. On the site you can find amazing paper artists , breathtaking paper animations and information about upcoming paper exhibitions. Jasmine Wilson wrote a blog about my textual hand-torn monochrome paper Tapestry inspired by nature.  I am honored to be blogged about and you can read the blog here. Enjoy!    

Bianca Severijns, paper art, paper artist, nesting

October  2015   Commissioned artwork by Lara Rosnovsky 

In cooperation with fashion designer, Lara Rosnovsky and the highly respected architect duo K1P3 I was granted a commissioned artwork for the new shop in the Shuster centrum , Ramat Aviv, Israel. Inspired by the fallen leaves of the Eucalyptus tree I created a wall of hand-torn paper leaves. The artwork is to be admired at the Lara Rosnovsky design shop.