art beyond waste | 2017

In her recent artwork, Art beyond Waste, the innovative idea is to use packaging beyond a pointless product of waste. Severijns took her inspiration from a familiar street scene: piles of carton boxes which contained freshly purchased household appliances. The product is indoors, while the packaging is thrown outdoors on the sidewalks. Disturb by this view Severijns played with the idea of re-using packaging for her art. As a much-needed change of mentality the idea is to place Art beyond Waste. In her artwork, created for Electra, Severijns has used the Electra packaging as her canvas and applied various techniques of weaving, folding and tearing of paper.

A company as Electra which deals daily with big amounts of packaging waste, can take this innovative thought and implement for example art-prints of Israeli artists on their packaging that customers can cut out, frame and hang in their homes. “Art beyond Waste, as an innovative, environmental friendly project that not only reduces the packaging waste, but also promotes art of Israeli talents and makes art accessible to many peoples’ homes. “Electra – innovation, because we care!

Art beyond Waste is part of a group exhibition held in the Trade Offices of Electra at Rishion LeZion, Israel. Twenty-Seven Israeli artists have been carefully selected by curator Ronit Reik and assistant curator Leora Shavit, they were challenged with the theme “Innovation”. The artwork stays in the permanent collection of Electra. For inquiries contact the artist 

Image courtesy: Sigal Kolton

Paper art, paper artist, paper, contemporary art, Bianca Severijns, Electra
Art beyond Waste, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art, Bianca Severijns, modern art
Art beyond Waste, paper art, paper artist, contemporary art, Bianca Severijns, modern art

Electra – Group exhibition Electra Trade offices at Rishon Lezion

Curators:  Ronit Reik & Leora Shavit

Theme: Innovation

Material: hand-torn paper, konjac, acrylic, carton

Measurements:  H 94cm x W 74cm

Year: October 2017

All images and text copyright by Bianca Severijns 2017