Eucalyptus Bark 2021

Although I always had an innate calling to art, I dedicated myself in the last decade entirely to paper art. My artistic exploration eventually developed into various themes, such as human rights and environmental issues. Still, my earliest interests were nature cycles and how they paralleled my immigration from the Netherlands and re-rooting into Israeli society.

The confluence of my paper art with nature is a red thread in my work. My 2016 artwork, Leaves Gathering, was inspired by the beautiful formations created by fallen leaves of the Eucalyptus trees surrounding my new home. It is an impressive and beautiful tree with a wonderful scent. The various color shades revealed when the tree is shredding its bark are a visually ravishing and remarkable inspiration for this recent Eucalyptus Bark artwork in which I fuse abstraction and nature with my signature paper techniques.

Another element of attraction to this tree is the similarity between the Eucalyptus and me – we are both non-native to Israel, it took both of us time to set roots, we both successfully adapted to its soil, and both the Eucalyptus and I grow, and bloom.

The Eucalyptus ‘made-Aliya’ 140 years ago. Although it is considered a horticultural invader, the tree has become a prominent feature in the Israeli landscape with significant historical and cultural values and is regarded as a native. I have been in Israel for 14 years, my re-rooting process is gradually progressing, and my feeling of belonging grows with time alongside the Eucalyptus trees around my home.

Eucalyptus Bark has found its way to Italy to become part of the collection of a Dutch art collector.


Photos by: Sigal Kolton

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All images and text are copyright by Bianca Severijns 2021

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Eucalyptus Bark | 2021

Technique:  hand-torn paper, acrylic paint, konjac glue

Dimensions: H160 x W90 x D10 cm